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      Animal technology institute Taiwan is the only multi-disciplinary collaborative research center of its own kind ever since establishment, as Pig Research Institute Taiwan, in 1970. During the past 41 years scientists with backgrounds of animal science, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, environmental engineering etc. have joined the working team to serve the farm animal production as well as biomedical industry. The institute is currently organizing to transform itself to become a "Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute" under instructions given by the Council of Agriculture.

      In the last year, a total of 113 research projects have been conducted through funding from Council of Agriculture, Department of Economy, Department of Health, and National Science Council. Private sectors including companies of breeding stocks, feed mill, meat packing plant, farm waste processing, animal medicine, and pharmaceuticals also provide a substantial amount of grants for contracted study of mutual interests. Our endeavors chiefly devote to areas of (1) institution of sustainable animal production system in the wake of high grain price and strong social expectations on welfare and environmental issues, (2) safeguarding of farm and companion animal health and food (mainly meat) safety, (3) provision of genetic sources ( porcine sperms and ova ) for commercial use as well as pigs of either miniature or commercial size with specific pathogen free for scientific purposes, and (4) generation of transgenic animals as bioreactors for pharmaceutical production or to serve as graft donors for future xenotransplantation in human.

      Extension service is also our mission that not only to provide advance training courses to animal producers (including aquaculture), veterinarians, and professionals in feed mill industry, animal medicine, meat packing plants even high school biology teachers, but also to conduct surveillances on many items such as livestock and pet feeds quality, production cost, carcass contaminations, and animal disease prevalence particularly those zoonotic. Also, transferring invented know-how or technology to private sector is very much encouraged and currently 24 companies are residing in our incubation center. In addition, the institute has opened a station to boar breeders to test their stock's performance. Certainly, routine visiting and consulting on contracted farms, abattoirs, feed mills or companies by our experts are common. 

      The institute believes that the value of animal technologies is dependant on its administration by interdisciplinary collaboration to endorse in related policies and to create its productive and sustainable benefits. Knowledge management is an essence in response to the challenges of the era of knowledge economy.
    • 2011/01/01      Cooperation with the Today's Pig to publish "ATIT column"
    • 2011/04/13   The Animal Vaccine R & D Center was setting up in accordance to the expanding global market of animal vaccines.
    • 2011/06/02      The laboratory of Applied Biology Division was approved to analysis of food phthalates pollution by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration.
    • 2011/07/22      A 3 year cooperation was setting up with Bayer Animal Health GmBH to the development of one-shot mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine.
    • 2011/07/27       To obtain 2 awards of intellectual property and practices, the technological research and development results management and utilization regulations selection by the Council of Agriculture.
    • 2011/08/02    Transgenic Animal Testing Center  was setting up for applying GLP certification.
    • 2011/09/26   The PRRS vaccine transfered to Reber Genetics has been approved by government, to obtain a marketing authorization.
    • 2011/10/13   Acquired the Taiwan TrainQuali System approved by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, COLA.
    • 2011/11/16   As a team member with Yuanpei University to decoded the genome profile of  Acinetobacter baumannii (AB).
    • 2011/11/23   Biogas desulfurization system has been chosen to be a highlights technology of "Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute" to steer new companies.

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